A modern twist on the traditional wedding disco. Rather than using a speaker system, music is sent to the headphones worn by guests. If your venue has any restrictions over amplified music, silent discos are the best way to get round any issues or curfews. Those without headphones on will hear nothing, so they can watch a room of people dancing to nothing. This makes for possibly one of the best forms of entertainment out there.

With our system, we offer the highest quality equipment and can broadcast up to three channels of audio, allowing each one to play a different genre of music. You can provide your own music to play (phone, tablet, laptop, DJ Mixer) or choose from one of our premixed playlists. They come supplied on iPods which have a range of different styles and lengths to choose from, catering to even the most reluctant dancer.

The silent disco headphones offer crisp, loud sound and have bright LED lights built in that flash to the beat, the colour of which depends on what channel you are listening to, so you can ‘see’ what your friends are listening to. They are extremly comfortable and can be adjusted to fit. The rechargeble battery lasts long enough for any party on a single charge, up to ten hours of enjoyment. We also provide spares at every event, so in the unlikely event of a broken set or a battery running out, we can swap it straight away without having to wait for it to charge.

Package 1

(25 Guests)

What's Included

  • 25 x Wireless LED Headphones (extra £3 per set)
  • 2 x Transmitters
  • 1 x Audio Playlist
  • 2 x Chauvet Mini Kinta IRC Lights
  • 1 x T-Bar
  • All Signal & Power Cables
  • Delivery, Set Up & Collection


Package 2

(50 Guests)

What's Included

  • 50 x Wireless LED Headphones (extra £3 per set)
  • 3 x Transmitters
  • 2 x Audio Playlists
  • 2 x Chauvet Mini Kinta IRC Lights
  • 2 x Chauvet FXpar 9 Lights
  • 2 x T-Bars
  • All Signal & Power Cables
  • Delivery, Set Up & Collection


Package 2

(Upto 100 Guests)

What's Included

  • 1 x Wireless LED Headphones per guest
  • 3 x Transmitters
  • 3 x Audio Playlists
  • 1 x Party Speaker (for Background Music)
  • 2 x Chauvet Mini Kinta IRC Lights
  • 2 x Chauvet FXpar 9 Lights
  • 2 x T-Bars
  • All Signal & Power Cables
  • Delivery, Set Up & Collection


Dry Hire Headphones

  • Wireless LED Headphones £4.00 Each
  • Transmitters £6.00 Each
  • Delivery & Collection £25.00

Chauvet FXpar 9

FXpar 9 is a dynamic and compact multi-effect fixture. It has an outer ring of RGB+UV LEDs, a centralised LED, and SMD strokes, each featuring separate control. Mutable zones allow for spectacular effects via DMX. Sound activation and automated programs.

£15 each

Chauvet Haze Machine

Hurricane Haze 1Dx creates a light water-based haze to enhance any light show. Comes supplied full of liquid, more available if required at an extra cost.

£40 each

Chauvet Mini Kinta

Mini Kinta IRC is fitted with 3w LEDs to punch through nearly any ambient lighting or fog, filling a room floor to ceiling with razor sharp beams. DMX controllable, it also features exciting built-in programs.

£12 each

Chauvet T-Bar Stand

This T-Bar Stand provides a stable platform to mount multiple lighting fixtures. Included hardware mounts up to six fixtures at preset positions.

£15 each

Ground Fog Machine

Dance on top of the clouds with our low smoke machine. This effect uses chilled theatrical fog to keep the smoke low to the ground. Perfect for that special first dance.

£30 each

Lighting Controller

This lighting controller controls up to 192 DMX channels. It is specifically designed to control multiple lighting effects at once, effortlessly. You will be able to customise the lighting to perfectly suit your party's atmosphere.

£15 each

Party Speaker

Blast out the tunes you love, with the LG XBOOM RK7 Bluetooth Megasound Party Speaker. With two speakers and an impressive 550 W of power, this single unit is able to effortlessly fill the room with sound, making it ideal for parties.

£30 each

Star Cloth

This 6m x 3m star cloth, with more than 100 LEDs, flashes and flickers to the beat of the music. The LED lights produce an extremely sharp and brilliant light.

£60 each

Trantec Wirless Mic

Good quality microphone perfect for speeches. Large range up to 30m.

£30 each

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I collect?
Our quotes include a delivery and collection service, but customers can collect and set up themselves if preferred.
Can I play my own music?
Our system comes with 2 to 3 channels for the headphones. We can supply music for 1 or 2 and leave the remaining channel for your own music.
How do I connect my equipment?
We supply a mini jack cable which fits into the headphone socket.
How long does it take to set up?
A small set up requires 1 hour and a large set up requires 1.5 hours. It will take us about 1 hour to dismantle.
Is the equipment hygienic?
We wipe down all the headphones with antibacterial wipes after every hire, and we supply wipes for use when hired.
What do you supply?
Speakers, lights and all power & signal cables.
Why does the biggest package have a speaker?
We like to provide a speaker for events to give a bit of background music to guests not wearing headsets, this allows gusts to hear 1 of the playlists at a low volume.
Will the equipment fit in my car?
Yes. Our packages will fit in most average sized card (with the seats folded down).
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